Welcome to the portfolio website of JET Graphic Design owned and managed by J.E.Taylor, a seasoned graphic artist and illustrator, originally from South Carolina now calling New York home, with over 20 plus years of professional business branding, advertising, web image design, and promotional design work experience. Pictured above is new NOVEL e-book cover work for The Temporal Son, Book One in The TRAVELER SAGA; a current client. Check out the new NOVELS tab under the COVERS tab in Graphic Design.  

Hope you like if you do, send me a response to it pro or con, I would like to hear your input.  That goes for the other work love to here feed back.

Feel free to browse through the gallery of original images created by JET Graphic Design and contact me if you would like to commission any work, interview, passwords or just to say “HI”.

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Client List:

  1. Ross Sales Associates, Charleston, SC
  2. Val-Pac of Charleston (special projects)
  3. Media Services of Charleston SC
  4. HR, New York
  5. Life After Charleston SC
  6. Community Thrift Stores Inc. Charleston SC
  7. Swan Design Inc. (internet)
  8. Accounting Brokers Inc. (internet)
  9. Thrive